Conlins is a young company established in 2002. We entered the market to address the need to provide top quality coffee and flavored syrups at a reasonable price to the local market. After searching for the best raw materials from around the world, we have already established ourselves as the premier source of excellent coffee and flavored syrups to compete with top imported brands. Presently, we are leading in the specialty coffee roasting industry, being the exclusive customized coffee supplier to local five star hotels and resorts, coffee chains and restaurants. Our Flavored syrups are also competing very well against famous brands, and continue to grow to this day.

Our Arabica coffee variety ranges from Central and South America, Africa and Asia, establishing ourselves as the only specialty coffee company in the Philippines with the most variety of single-origin coffee. This 100% Arabica line is our Bluenotes Coffee. We do not just sell these roasted, we also supply green beans to several small-scale micro-roasters in Manila, which is the focal point of thirdwave coffee.

Blending is also a passion of ours, as we have the most number of coffee blends in the market. Our single-origin coffee is carefully mixed with Robusta or Liberica coffee, or combined with other single origin bean, giving the most distinctive blend that is suitable for any brewing method. We call this distinct line our Artisans Coffee.

We are also authorized dealers world-class coffee machines. These include the Swiss-made Jura Impressa and German-made WMF (for automatic espresso machines). We also exclusively distribute WEGA espresso machines (for traditional espresso machine) and Hario hand-brewing equipment, to cater to the growing market of specialty coffee preparation.

In keeping up with international trends, we have created a purely local flavored syrup line under the Sweet Serenity brand, to directly compete with famous international brands of beverage flavored syrups. Having a total of 22 flavors, our syrup line can be applicable to coffee shops, bars and restaurants. We also carry under this brand some complementary products, such as flavored toppings, frappe powders and chocolate powders, which we also manufacture ourselves.

Strict Quality Standards

Being an ISO22000 certified coffee roaster, quality and consistency is never compromised in our business. Our strict GMP and HACCP standards have helped keep up with the demand of the market and clients. Our in-house Q-grader constantly checks and re-checks not just the quality of coffee from our production line, but is also involved directly with our clients to educate them and at the same time learn from them to make the best product possible for their business.