• Tanzania Peaberry Amex

Tanzania Peaberry Amex

Tanzania Peaberry Amex

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Peaberry is a type of coffee bean. Most coffee trees produce cherries with two seeds or “beans” as we know them. These are called “flat berries.” Occasionally, cherries will produce only one seed, known as a peaberry. These special coffee beans are slightly smaller than the normal beans, but carries a more concentrated flavour.

These peaberry beans are carefully selected for its rich, distinguished flavour, giving this coffee optimal taste and aroma. Tanzania Peaberry carries a sweet floral aroma, upon sipping it carries  hints of deep dark fruit tones and black liquorice, with a gentle acidity and velvety body. It starts with  wine-like top notes and ends with a deep rich finish.  

This coffee has many of the wine like fruit flavour notes of a Kenyan bean, but with a more subtle acidity. 

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