Coffee Microgrounds

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Café Latte                             Microground Coffee
Nutty and cream taste with strong coffee flavour Instant Café Latte with Microground Coffee (20g ..
Php 300.00
Cappuccino Beverage mix with Microground Coffee
Cappuccino  Beverage Mix with Microground Coffee Blended powder with aroma of fresh coffee a..
Php 350.00
Cocoa Beverage Mix with Microground Coffee
Cocoa Beverage Mix with Microground Coffee A deliciously creamy blended powder with aroma of fres..
Php 350.00
Colombia decaf Microground Coffee
Instant coffee with distinct brightness with mild fresh bread flavour. Colombia decaf Microgrou..
Php 250.00
Lily's Set
Cappucino, Cocoa, and Royal Latte 3 flavors package ..
Php 900.00
Unique rich full-bodied taste, with initial vegetal taste followed by sweet creamy and bitter notes...
Php 350.00
Mocha Microground Coffee
Smooth body, balanced sweetness, and premium cocoa essence. Instant Mocha with Microground Coffee..
Php 300.00
Premium Microground Coffee
Instant Coffee with Premium Microground Coffee Vibrant Coffee Taste and Chocolate Notes (4g x ..
Php 250.00
Royal Latte Beverage Mix with Microground Coffee
Royal Latte Beverage Mix with Microground Coffee An intensely creamy blended powder with a butter..
Php 350.00
Vanilla Latte Microground Coffee
Velvety body with vanilla and bursting coffee flavors. Instant Vanilla Latte with Microground Cof..
Php 300.00