WMF Coffee Machines



WMF espresso - The New Generation Portafilter

The perfect espresso. Handmade automatically.

The WMF espresso bridges two worlds. It automatically prepares handmade coffee. It hisses and steams like a traditional portafilter, and yet is child’s play to operate: for anyone wanting to prepare the perfect espresso. Because the WMF espresso automatically grinds and tamps the coffee inside the portafilter, controlling both the flow and temperature of the brew.




WMF 1200S - the starter model

A simple start to the professional coffee business.

Since we like to provide our customers with the perfect, tailored cut, they delight in their new look and are satisfied. However, unlocking this exceptional, one hundred percent feel-good smile requires that extra something. When you press the start button on the WMF 1200S – the entry-level machine to the professional coffee business – you are of course also serving the perfect cup of coffee.




WMF 1500S - the basic model

We say basic model. You say super.

The WMF 1500S is our basic model for professional coffee indulgence. The logical successor of the globally popular WMF presto!. Make the WMF 1500 S a basic indulgence in your company and take the next step towards excellent coffee preparation. Your customers will be able to look forward to consistently high quality coffee specialities on a daily basis.




WMF 5000S - Coffee to go

Because indulgence now has pace

The WMF 5000S makes premium coffee – and indeed faster. This is because the machine benefits from a high-performance brewer that is generally only used in large coffee machines. And yet astonishingly, it requires the space of comparatively smaller models. Meanwhile, the newly developed Dynamic Milk System ensures consistently top quality coffee, along with an abundant array of specialities.




WMF 8000S - top of the range

Premium. In a class of its own.

Introducing the WMF 8000S: our premium class fully automatic machine. This professional machine combines innovation with personalised indulgence like no other. Its inexhaustible power delivers an extremely wide range of beverages. Moreover, it is able to adapt to the most demanding work locations and can be customised to specific hotel and catering features.




WMF 1200F - Freshly ground

The WMF 1200F makes the best-tasting filter coffee because it is brewed directly from freshly ground beans. The exquisite fragrance of freshly ground and brewed coffee – that unmistakeable aroma – breathes fresh life into any breakfast room, any meeting, or indeed, any conceivable social setting. The WMF 1200 F is the supply station that freshly grinds and brews coffee, ensuring intense indulgence, while maintaining maximum output.




WMF CombiNation F - up to 500 cups/hour

The WMF combiNation F is an all-round specialist when it comes to that excellent cup of coffee that needs to be produced in large quantities, over and over again. It is the ultimate high-performance, fully automatic machine in the filter coffee sector, and moreover, one of the most attractive machines currently around.